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      Abby USA | Ground Support
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      Ground Support

      Ground Support Equipment

      Abby Manufacturing Inc. manufactures a wide variety of non-powered Ground Support Equipment products.

      Equipment Orders

      Our facilities can handle small (1 to 20 units) as well as large (100+) orders of equipment.

      Quick Delivery

      Abby utilizes any and all of its three plants to provide the quickest delivery possible

      Replacement Parts

      Abby Manufacturing Inc. manufactures and stocks a wide variety of replacement parts.

      Equipment Manufactures

      Many equipment manufacturers ( ie Abby, Wasp, Lewellyn, and Clyde) are supported.

      Repair Division

      We can repair, recondition, repaint, and rebuild many different pieces of equipment

      Abby Ground Support

      Abby Ground Support Equipment?is a single source fabrication and machining alternative? for a wide range of products and services at the lowest possible cost to our customers thru state-of-the-art automated equipment and processes. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the services, quality, and competitive pricing we offer our customers.

      Turnkey capabilities for small to large equipment and standard replacement components, including finishing.? Our products include, cargo dollies baggage carts, storage racks, nit & oxy service carts, crew access stairs, sideload platforms, transition secks, manual dock assemblies, ballast trailers, caster decks, replacement parts for most GSE equipment, and many others.

      The main plant (Walnut) has complete manufacturing and machining equipment. A condensed version of the equipments: saws, plasma cutting facilities, two (2) lasers (one cuts up to 20 feet), multiple CNC machining centers, up to 26 feet press break capability, tube bending, punch presses, welding equipment, complete paint capabilities, CNC mills and lathes, and many more machines too numerous to list. The plant is 150,000 square feet.

      The assembly plant (Ashland) has in place processes to take products from individual parts to complete finished equipment. On orders of multiple quantities, products are welded in fixtures to insure consistency and that equipment conform to customer specifications. Units are welded, prepped for paint, painted and completely assembled. Units are then prepped for shipment. Replacement parts go through the same controlled processes to insure interchangeability.

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